Starting a Small Buisines & winning local business

Winning Local Business in a Global Market

An online business website can help local companies build a solid global customer base and also assist in winning local business at the same time. But you have to focus on winning local business in your local area first, the world and the global market will come in time

iDex7 Website Redesign - idea bulb

Website ReDesign – 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Knowing your customers and their needs will help tailor your next website redesign to suit them. Since you last redesigned your website your customers may have changed their buying habits or become more interested in another service


The Keys to Successful Websites for Business Owners

Business Websites can be the best and most affordable marketing tool at your disposal, if you just take the time to understand the keys to successful websites for business owners. It’s not about glitz and glamour, flashy logos or magic tricks. It’s about consistency and adding value for your potential customer

Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

What does your domain say about your business? Historically exact match domain names were always recommended as They helped the business gain top search engine results, but expert advice and recent attitudes say Google updates have changed that. Today the concensus is that branded URLs are best for business

Online business success is just over the horizon

5 Low-Cost Online Business Start Ups

In todays tough economy, it can be hard to find a job that pays the bills. You may need more than one source of income & Online Business Start Ups can fit into a World that is changing when times get tough economically. A second stream of income can help make ends meet.

iDex7 Business social media definition

A Social Media Definition for Business

Business communications, marketing, customer feedback, help with product or service development, tracking your competition, employee recruitment and monitoring and responding to feedback, good or bad, are all performance goals your business can achieve using this business social media definition

Website Ranking Drop - Use iDex7 SEO

Search Engine Ranking Drop

Almost every website owner will see a significant search engine ranking drop sooner or later. Don’t panic! Try to analyse the problem and find the reason for your ranking drop and then take positive action to rectify the situation

iDex7 SEO techniques for business websites

Learning SEO Techniques

Analyze your webpages and ensure you include what’s needed to build an online business website that’s search engine friendly. You’ll then be 100% sure that your SEO techniques will always be on target, be current and be up-to-date

iDex7 website focus

5 Simple Tips to Help Maintain Your Website Focus

By considering your readers needs in your website focus and featuring them in the main focus of your content creation, you will encourage your website visitors to come back again and again and to consider you the authority on your subject, that you obviously are