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How Business Can Manage the Social Media Networking Chaos – Part 1

Social media networking is no longer a passing fad and if you are a business owner then you should realise that managing social media is essential.

If you still believe social media networking is going to pass your business by, you need to seriously reconsider your position.

You should be managing your social media networkingSocial media networking is growing so rapidly and impacting so much business in positive ways that you must now factor it into your business plan and your marketing plans.

This rapid growth rate is creating chaos for those who are either not keeping up with the changing trends or who are ignoring the importance of the role that social media networking is playing.

And; the social chaos that can occur due to rapid social media changes is manageable. It is ignoring the impact that social media has on your business that will create headaches.

Social media networking is playing a huge role in the way business owners and managers handle marketing.

Although this constantly ever-changing culture can sometimes cause frustration, the frustration can be managed by focusing on two key business elements: Reputation Management and Content Marketing.


One of the most effective ways that social media networking has affected business is the creation of real-time dialogue between potential customers and the business and this empathises the need for a focus on good reputation management.

When you consider how fast things move online, you quickly realise how important good reputation management is.

  1. Why you have to be proactive in managing your reputation
  2. And why carefully controlling your employees social media submissions is important

The days are gone when social media networking sites were created solely to benefit teenagers.

They are now platforms of choice for many professionals and first port-of-call for potential customers. Professionals have already realized the importance of maintaining a positive social presence and they use that presence as a tool to enhance their reputation and to pursue business connections.

So something that may be posted as a funny moment in an employee’s life could potentially be tied to your business.

Social & SEO Flowchart for businessThis in turn could appear in a potential customers search results and possibly create a conflict with your marketing plans and an image at odds with the image the business desires or is trying to promote.

This doesn’t mean you have to watch your employees’ every move, but it does mean you should be aware of potential connections you share and the need for damage limitation, particularly were disgruntled or overly-enthusiastic employees are concerned.

For example;

  1. An employee links their job to their Facebook account
  2. They innocently and enthusiatically post about how great company products are and recommend the company’s products or services to friends
  3. They help online friends resolve problems
  4. They post their own simplified How-to guide for users, that omits all the technical and legal blurb
  5. The guide is downloaded and bookmarked by 100’s or 1000’s of grateful friends

While this may seem very innocent it can cause problems. The employee has effectively circumvented the company’s normal procedures.

In time the employees guide could be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo. It could rank higher in search results than the official instruction manuals, knowledgebase articles or online manuals. And; the Company has no control over any of that content.

Although the employee is not the company, their social media submissions can be tied to the company through search results.

Therefore, whenever there is a possibility of social media connections, you the business manager, must know what they are and ensure there is nothing posted that you would not want linked to your business.

Social media networking now affects the way we do business and any communication between customers, potential customers and the business representative provides opportunities for positive reinforcement of the business reputation. All business managers should ensure they take full advantage of those opportunities.

You have to embrace these opportunities and also use this new source of freely accessible information interchange to your advantage. Which brings us neatly on to content management.

Content Management …

Content management is taking the information found in social media networking circles and using it to your advantage.

Social Media Networking means managing your contentWhether it is a comment made on your website, blog or forum or a message received via a Facebook post, you need to listen to what your customers are saying and work it into a marketing strategy.

For example;

  1. Say your business sells tools and you come across a customer comment on how great ‘such and such’ a tool was in helping create something they found on Pinterest
  2. Don’t just comment back saying ‘that’s great
  3. Instead, focus your social networking team on that tool and have them blog about how it helped with that project
  4. Comment on Pinterest-related boards about how your tool can help and link back to the original comment and the original project

So, use social medi networking to uncover your customers interests and how your existing customers are using your products. Then, if they use them for things your product development team hasn’t considered, show other potential customers how their interests could benefit from your product.

Another key focus of content management is recognizing the potential in a younger demographic.

In today’s society, younger potential customers are more likely to follow you on social media networks, read your blogs or subscribe to your RSS feeds. They are more likely to impulse buy using mobile devices that display your products using social media networks.

Although your older clientele may not pay much attention to these modern communication functions, you really need to maintain and update them to continue reaching out to the younger demographic, because they are your business future.

They are the potential customers that are feeding this growing social media chaos. Service their needs, provide content in a format they understand, and it will help build your business reputation.

Ignore them because you forgot to manage content appropriate for the younger generation or never considered their needs and you may not have a business future.

Don’t let the social media chaos keep you from being successful.

Social media networking in business can provide fabulous opportunities for savvy business owners, you just need to manage your reputation and either become or employ proficient content marketers.iDex7 Web Design