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A Social Media Definition for Business

Developing a social media definition for managing your business is an essential element of any modern business and should be included in your business marketing plan.

Business social media has as many uses as there are resources or platforms available.

Business communications, marketing, customer feedback, help with product or service development, tracking your competition, employee recruitment and monitoring and responding to feedback, good or bad, are all performance goals your business can achieve using this business social media definition.

Social media for business has been given many definitions.

The simplest definition of social media is that it’s an on-line technology tool chest filled with all the tools needed to reach out to potential customers using internet platforms that offer two-way communication.

Social Media Definition Flowchart

The most common business social media tools include the following:


Used to provide details of your company’s history, share the mission statement and the vision, as well as provide product and contact information together with other details about your business.


Online journals where users can write expert articles and receive feedback from readers.


Sites where users can communicate with followers in 140 characters or less usually on a daily basis where other resources are weekly, monthly or yearly.

Social networks

Internet sites where companies and individuals can create profiles and connect with others through messaging, chats, photos and videos as well as announce events and gather followers.

Video networks

Where your business can upload product and service information videos and include videos of company personnel, among others.

Social searching

Using facilities such as TrustPilot & Google Plus Reviews to allow customers to rate the business

The Proactive Business Social Media Formula …

A social media definition when used in business focuses on user-generated content written in a way that generates the kind of connections needed to build an extended business community.

The community consists of colleagues, industry experts, clients, customers and potential customers.

The most effective formula for using this business social media definition is to start by implementing a dynamic business website which is generally a one-way communication tool.

The website sponsoring company uses it to relate details about the company to the visitor.

Social Media Definition ... Icons

After planning, developing and publishing the business website, you can supplement its features by including the ability to have two-way communications using resources such as blogs, micro-blogging and social networks.

Business Social Media Platforms…

There are more and more business social media platforms being organized every day. The most well known as well as the most active include:

  • TypePad -a paid subscription blogging service were you can sell your products or services, run ads on your blog (or not)
  • Blogger – a free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video
  • WordPress – a free hosting setup for your personal blog or business website
  • Twitter – a micro-blogging social networking service that allows users to send and read short 140-character messages called tweets
  • Facebook – a personal and business social networking site for profiles, photos and videos. It also provides business brand pages and brand advertising
  • Google Plus – a personal & business social media network were personal profiles can create and promote business pages that can include authorship details and generate author-rank
  • LinkedIn – a website used by business professionals to connect with other professionals in their field using profiles and messaging to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners
  • YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare – these sites can be used to upload photos, instructional or promotional videos and/or training workshops
  • Craigslist, Insider Pages, Yelp – these are considered social searching sites where customers can rate a product, service or company

Business Social Media Definition

Your Business Social Media Definition Should Offer Endless Opportunities

Using business social media will open your business door to countless world-wide possibilities.

According to John Jantsch, author of the ‘Let’s Talk Social Media for Small Business‘ e-book, among the top three social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) there were more than 2.5 billion visits in the month of September 2009, collectively.

Add to this the recent addition of Google Plus and the definition of business social media will just grow and grow.

It’s a global business environment these days and for the foreseeable future.

The breadth and depth of business social media and free social media tools are helping every business, from the largest manufacturer, to the work at home mum and the mom & pop store, to do business deals across the world.