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Learning SEO Techniques

There are plenty of SEO techniques and advice and plenty of search engine optimization software available for free on the internet.

But search engines evolve, they change their algorithms and they use better and better criteria to present search results to users.

So; are you sure the SEO techniques, tips and software you’re using are up-to-date. Because learning SEO techniques from the wrong or an outdated source can cost you a huge amount of search engine traffic.

Pause and consider carefully, if you are you thinking of buying into some SEO system that claims to know exactly how search engines work, because they don’t and neither do we, but we do know how to give the SE’s what they need.

What are SEO Techniques …

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Techniques

SEO techniques or Search Engine optimization is a technique for building webpages that can bring more search engine traffic, generating more sales and more conversions for your online business. The techniques utilised in SEO can be divided into — On page SEO factors and Off page SEO factors.

  • On page factors are related to the changes you make to your webpage or website.
  • Off page factors are related to the SEO techniques you utilise in link building and other aspects, which do not impact upon your webpage or website.

On Page SEO Factors …

There are seven basic SEO techniques you absolutely must use to make sure your online business website is Search Engine friendly.

  • Use relevant, meaningful and unique page titles in your headings section.
  • Use unique heading descriptions for each webpage and ensure they are repeated somewhere in the webpage body content.
  • Use heading tags correctly (h2, h3, h4) to structure your content.
  • Always write original, good quality, keyword rich content.
  • Build your webpage into a meaningful and relevant internal link structure.
  • Always link your webpage to it’s parent page using a full anchor text link. (Do not simply include a “back” link)
  • Use the Robots Meta tag in every page — <meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”/> or <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”/> as required.

Learn SEO and Make Sure You Use It Correctly …

But that’s making it all sound a little too technical, you see building your own website helps you learn SEO without even realising you are learning search engine optimization techniques.

As you build each webpage, you learn the points that keep you moving in the right direction and help you put the required items in the correct places. Yes, it really is that simple.

Get your business website On-Page-SEO Factors right and utilise online business building modules to help you keep your Off Page SEO factors right too.

Learn SEO Techniques & Jump for JoySo; Learn on-page SEO and you won’t have to pay a penny extra for all those search engine optimization techniques.

Analyze your webpages and ensure you include what’s needed to build an online business website that’s search engine friendly. And then you can be 100% sure that your SEO techniques will always be on target, be current and be up-to-dateiDex7 Web Design