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Search Engine Ranking Drop

Has you suffered search engine ranking drop recently? If so, why has your search engine ranking just dropped?

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Before you do anything drastic you should try to find out what has caused your site ranking drop.

The better you understand the reason why your rankings have dropped, the better you can adjust and prevent your website dropping in the future.

There are six major reasons for ranking drops:

  • 1. Your Website Changes

    Most webmasters update their web pages regularly. As long as the changes are only small, this won’t have a big effect on your rankings. However, if you re-design your web pages or if you optimize a page for a new search term then search engines might re-calculate your search engine rankings. Google even has a filter for changed web pages. If you change your web pages, Google will temporarily apply a filter to your sites.

    Possible Remedy:
    If you have web pages with high search engine rankings then you should change these pages with great care.

  • 2. The Links To Your Website Change

    If you have an old website with a well established inbound link structure then it’s not likely that your site rankings will drop because of a link change.

    If the links to your site are mainly paid links that suddenly disappear or get discounted by Google then the loss of these links can be enough to cause a significant ranking drop. In addition, sudden changes in the linking structure of a website make your website suspicious.

    Possible Remedy:
    If you rely heavily on paid links you might want to reconsider your linking strategy. Try to get inbound links that last. Continually getting links is essential to keep high rankings. If you don’t work on your links then your website will be replaced by better linked web pages in the search results.

  • 3. Your Competitors Websites Have Changed.

    Everybody wants to be on Google’s first result page. For that reason, it’s only natural that other websites will be listed better than yours if you don’t react.

    Many websites target the same keywords as you do. If these other websites have better content and better links than your site then it’s only natural that these sites get better rankings.

    Possible Remedy:
    You must offer better content than your competitors. Make sure that you offer many web pages that are relevant to your search terms and that you have better inbound links than your competitors.

  • 4. Spam Elements On Your Web Pages

    Search engines don’t like spam. If search engines find out that you use cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages or any other spam technique on your web pages then it is extremely likely that your website will be penalized.

    Possible Remedy:
    Remove all spam elements from your web pages. Just because your website hasn’t been penalized yet doesn’t mean that search engines won’t find the spam elements in the near future.

  • 5. Search Engine Algorithm Changes

    Search engines are continually improving their ranking algorithms. While most changes are rather subtle, some ranking algorithm changes can have a major impact on the rankings of your web pages.

    Possible Remedy:
    Wait for some days to find out if the ranking drop is not just temporarily. Then optimize your web pages so that they reflect the latest search engine algorithms.

  • 6. Technical Problems.

    Your web server can be the reason for a ranking drop. If your website is down when the search engine spider tries to access your website then search engines cannot give your web pages high rankings because they don’t know your pages. Some websites display the correct web page in the web browser but the server returns an error code. In that case, search engines won’t index the web pages.

    Possible Remedy:
    Make sure that your website is hosted on a reliable server that has no downtime. Check the HTTP status code that your website returns with a free server response checker.

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Almost every website owner will see a significant search engine ranking drop sooner or later.

Don’t panic if this happens to you. Try to analyse the problem and find the reason for your ranking drop and then take action to rectify the situation.

Search Engines update and re-index on a regular basis and sometimes it’s just a case of carrying on as usual until the spiders re-visit and update your search engine rankings.

Definitely make sure you carefully review all your SEO features and categories, before doing anything drastic.