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Get Rich Quick Sucker Only $97

Trapped In The ‘Get Rich Quick’ Mindset …

Getting trapped in the Get Rich Quick Mindset is easy. It’s like any smoker, alcoholic or heroin addict needing their fix, that temporary high that always ends with that cyclical downer, in disappointment and the pain of realisation.

Developing the get rich quick mindset begins with desire and the need to earn.

iDex7 - Get rich quick sucker

It begins with dissatisfaction and frustration. It can be your current job, your pitiful weekly wage or your boring lifestyle. The frustration will begin with the desire to emulate your hero, a friend that’s doing ‘Oh so well’ or to turn round that recent reversal of fortune.

As a seasoned internet entrepreneur of over 15 years standing, I’ve seen GRQ schemes come and go. I’ve made money with some, raged at others and swore never, ever, ever to fall for those spammy, scammy sales letters again.

But the truth is; if you’re trapped in the get rich quick mindset and you really want to build a profitable online business, then you’re going to have a long hard struggle to change that mindset.

And, you’re going to suffer pain, you’re going to hate yourself, hate the system and hate the success projected by the very people that appear to profit from the GRQ addicts, like you.

In the past month alone I’ve received and been ‘exclusively invited to join’ around 40 get rich quick schemes. Been promised, again and again, untold riches on automatic pilot for the measly sum of just $97.

Ninety seven dollars… those words alone should ring alarm bells. Those over analysed, perfectly projected, figures … not-to-much to put them off and not-so-little that it doesn’t look like top quality.

And you know what? I bought three of them. Yep, three.

  • One because the pitch was just soooo good, that curiosity got the better of me, yes it was crap. Loss $97 – ka-ching
  • One as a potential replacement for the BANS system that was so successful for me over a number of years, that it was worth the chance and no it just didn’t stack up. Loss $147 – ka-ching
  • And, one that has turned out to be a little gold nugget. A simple little thing with a scrappy sales pitch and no real promises, that is paying dividends in that oh-so-essential link building process. Loss $47 – profit … I’m still counting – ka-ching.

One in three, 33% … that doesn’t sound so bad, particularly when you factor in, that little gold nugget has increased one websites traffic from around 2000 to 3000 unique visitors per day.

But can I afford to sustain those losses. Can I continue to pay my hard-earned cash and try 30 GRQ schemes in the hope that 10 turn out profitable. Is the risk worth the return?

Free of the Get Rich Quick Mindset - Kick the Habit

But here’s the kicker, I kicked the Get Rich Quick habit a long time ago.

I’m no longer trapped in the get rich quick mindset. I don’t buy on impulse and I never pay to download, unless I know exactly how and in what way I’m going to use it, measure it and potentially profit from it.

I don’t swallow that regurgitated, rehashed pap and I don’t believe their claims, their testimonials or their promises of potential earnings.

And; if you’re trapped in the get-rich-quick mindset, you need to learn to do the same.

You need to learn to…

  1. analyse … strip those bullet points to the bone.
  2. evaluate … check who they are, what they’ve done and exactly what they are putting on the table.
  3. And; treat your online business building efforts like … Well; a business.

If you’re serious about building a profitable online business then $97 isn’t a vast amount to invest, but continually investing 47, 97 or 147 dollars each week or month on the next GRQ and achieving no measurable return on that investment is just a flawed business plan.

Developing and following a well thought out and structured business plan, that allows for investing in essential business building tools is a different, sensible approach.

It doesn’t really matter whether those tools are picks, shovels, hire cars and people in the physical world or if they are copywriters, hosting companies and link building tools in the online world, as long as you’ve done your research, evaluated the potential and know you will achieve your anticipated return on investment.

It’s more work and there’s no artificial high’s and low’s. Just the slow and steady build and the satisfaction of seeing your efforts produce results, ever so slowly and ever so surely.

Business Man Get Rich Quick Summary

So, we’re at the end and what?

You expected to get your next GRQ fix. Some link to some lame sales letter offering fantastic riches for zero work.

Maybe a quick link to that little gold nugget or a sign-up, pop-up, pre-filled form for my latest updates and internet marketing secrets newsletter.

Do yourself a favour, break the habit.

Free yourself from the Get Rich Quick Mindset. Start building a real, profitable, online business.