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Gaining Authority for Your Business Website

Authority basically means building or securing backlinks to your site from other websites that are highly regarded by Search Engines and which also relate well to your chosen subject.

In a nutshell, if an internet user is searching for information on say, British Pottery, and twenty five pottery, porcelain or china websites are all linking to your webpage about British Pottery, then the Search Engines will designate your site as an authority on British Pottery. Makes perfect sense really.

Helping Hand in Gaining Authority For Business WebsitesOne hosting service provider, SBI, offers two great products to help you build and gain authority for your online business website. SBI’s Value Exchange and Make Your Links Work (MYLW).

However, although Make Your Links Work, definitely provides an excellent grounding in the art of link building; producing good results in Value Exchange is a real uphill struggle.

SBI’s Value Exchange …

The Value Exchange concept is good, in theory. But, in practice it can turn out to be very difficult to secure any really valuable links.

The system is mostly automated from the point that you setup your ad for your site, including tags relevant to your content, and other subscribers that match your tags are emailed to say you’d like to exchange links.

Problem 1 … No-one wants to exchange links with a new website, one with little or no authority or with very little pagerank. Particularly if your own site has built up good authority and has good pagerank.

Problem 2 … Link exchange basically means Reciprocal Linking, which means no-one really benefits from the link unless one site has a higher pagerank or greater authority in that niche. If both sites are equal in authority and pagerank the links cancel each other out.

So, even though SBI’s Value Exchange doesn’t only include SBI hosted websites, the value of the reciprocal links you achieve is severely limited. If you use SBI, make sure their Value Exchange isn’t the only strategy you use for gaining authority for your online business website.

Use Authority Sites to Get Relevant BackLinks …

If you think you have to spend money to get traffic to your online business website, think again. This is our collection of good authority web sites where you can post your own content, create a profile and include your online business website URL without any need to support reciprocal linking.

Spend a little time and create great connections from these sites and they will be an excellent source of free traffic to your business website.

  • … Write a couple of how to articles or videos if you can. Post them and include your online business URL in your profile.
  • … Same as eHow but you can edit existing wiki pages or use your knowledge to create your own. Be clever and put your URL in the Sources-and-Citations section.
  • … You have to register to participate. Then post your own goals or reply to other posted to-do lists. Very occasionally, insert your own online business URL as a resource.
  • … Build a Squidoo lenses about your chosen niche and you can then add links to your site, embed your own or other YouTube videos and include your flickr hosted photos.
  • … Register, create a profile and you can add your online business URL in your profile. Not brilliant but useful, so don’t use your best content.
  • … Another Squidoo like site. You can include links to your online business URL in the content you create.
  • … The most popular news ranking site. If you create your own bloglets in RSS/BLOG-It or have your own blog posts you can post them here. If your article makes it to the homepage, you will attract thousands of high page rank backlinks and tens of thousands of visitors for a short period.
  • … Another news site similar to Digg where you can post your blog articles.
  • … Ask your own questions and post answers to other peoples questions. Include your own site URL in the resources you quote in your answers.
  • … Create your own community blog add some keyword rich content and and include links to your online business website in your posts. Remember its the links you want, not to create another outlet for your content creating efforts.
  • … A microfinance site where people lend to others in need of quick finance. You lend to and borrow from individual entrepreneurs. Create your profile page and add a link to your main site .
  • … Create an account using your chosen keyword or a derivative of it and post your online buisness website link in your profile. You can also link your SBI RSS Feed to Feedburner and use their Socialize It module to automatically update your twitter account.
  • … Another news site. Register and include your main site’s URL in your profile page.
  • … A site where you can buy and sell digital content. If you create ebooks, your own music, etc., put your keywords in your listings and point at to your main site’s URL.
  • … A well established site where you create mini-sites and include links to your main online business website in your mini site pages.
  • … A web 2.0 site where you can create your own mini sites. Use the same technique you use for Angelfire to create the back links you want for your main site.
  • … A blog community and aggregation site. If you have managed to add a full blog using SBI Infin-It, add your Blog RSS feed to their site and any time you post new articles in your blog, your page at Blogowogo will be updated. Or try adding your main site RSS Feed.
  • … Register and post to share your photos, articles, links, music and videos. Use you main online business website’s link in your profile page.
  • … Discover great web pages and share with your friends. There’s no reason why you can’t submit your own site and individual pages to StumbleUpon.
  • … The most popular article directory. Register and submit your articles and use the author’s box under each article to include your main online business URL. You can include up to three links to related content in your, About The Author, section.
  • … The most popular photo sharing site. Simply register add some photos and drop your online business website’s URL in your profile page.
  • … A Yahoo service that let’s you share your online activity on a single page. Register and link to your main site from the profile page.
    Focused Niche Marketing - Build an online business not a website
  • … If you are passionate about a business idea, you should sign up with this highly respected site. Then use anchor text in your profile page to link to your online business web site.
  • … Hardly needs an introduction and is the most popular video sharing site by far. If you don’t have an account with YouTube, you should sign up immediately. Create your profile and upload any interesting and funny videos you have. Then add your site.
  • … Another blog community and aggregation site. Only use if you have managed to add a full blog using SBI Infin-It, then add your Blog RSS feed to their site and any time you post new articles in your blog, your page at BlogCatalog will be updated.
Gaining authority for your business website isn’t impossible or even that difficult really.

It just requires some dedicated time and effort and the ability to stay focused on why you are using that particular website, rather than becoming sidetracked into actually using the website.