Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

When setting up your business website, choosing your domain names (URL’s) is one of your most important decisions.

Historically, exact match domains were always recommended. These usually helped the business gain top search engine results, but expert advice and recent attitudes concerning Google updates have changed.
Business woman demonstrates why branded Domain Names are important

The concensus now is that branded URLs are best for business

The great Google is continuously trying to eliminate shortcut search engine optimisation methods and iffy backlink strategies.

The latest in their line of black & white animal updates is an Exact Match Domain update alongside a Panda update. The consequence of which is that hundreds of top-ranking EMDs (short for Exact Match Domains) have lost position in search results and lost visitor traffic as a result.

As a business website owner you should have good marketing skills and access to technical skills that ensure your online presence is a boon to your offline business and that it produces positive results.

But, like most business owners you probably don’t have enough time to promote or market your business website.

Utilising your brand name URL should give your business a head start.

Doubling up on your brand name domain by securing both your business name and your product name URL would be even better.

Domain Names 101 … What does your domain name say about your business?

Domain Names 101 - Lesson 1 What does your domain name say about your business

Domain Names 101 … Why a premium domain name?

Unfortunately, your brand name domain may already be taken. Possibly by a cyber-squatter or by another similarly named business.

But, settling for just any old domain name won’t bring your business that promotional advantage.

Search for and find a branded match for your business or your product, among the multitudes of already registered domains that are listed for sale on sites like Flippa or GoDaddy. Try our domain name suggestion tool to help find and register excellent domain names.

Domain Names 101 - Lesson 2 Why a premium domain name

Domain Names 101 … Why location means everything.

Location, location, location. As a business owner you already know that a small retail space on the high street is worth ten times more than a large retail space in a dingy side street.

The same applies to domain names, when searchers look for products they search for dot-coms not dot-eu, dot-in or even dot-biz.

While it is tempting to buy an available domain that includes your brand name but with an alternative domain extensions such as .co, .info or .biz; it’s not a good business decision.

You run the risk, that not only will buyers not remember that less popular extension, but it could lead buyers to your competitors website that has the .com.

The dot-com is the high street and you should be searching for a short memorable branded domain name that has the dot-com suffix.

Domain Names 101 ... Lesson 3 Why location means everything

Domain Names 101 … Why branded domain names are an investment in your brand?

Brand names sell. Branded domain names bring traffic to your business website.

So, think of your domain names in the same way you would consider the best position to open a new branch in a new town.

Invest in your branded domain names in the same way you would try to secure a long term lease on a prime retail location.

Invest money in your asset acquisition, because that’s what branded domain names are … assets.

Domain Names 101 ... Lesson 4 Why branded domain names are an investment in your brand

Business Branded Domain Names … Short, Memorable and Relevant

Whatever domain name you eventually choose, make sure it’s relevant. Make sure it’s short enough and memorable enough that potential customers can be given it over the phone and they will remember it when they hear it.

Forget that any domain name can be up to 67 characters long, or that  – – – – and are all available for a few pounds.

The only dot you really want for your business is