Build a social media network or social media chaos

The Evolution of a Business Social Network and the Wave of Chaos a Business Can Face

Love them or hate them, social media networks are quickly becoming a modern day staple.

Business owners stood and watched as Facebook and Twitter grew hugely and some watch still as sites like Pinterest and Google Plus quickly expand.

Business use of social media is continuing to broaden and social media reach to widen. At the rate it is growing, if not closely monitored, badly run business social networks could cause a huge wave of chaos for small and large business alike.

In today’s constantly changing markets your business must focus on staying on top of social network trends or risk getting lost in the soup of social media chaos with the rest.

Even the Business to Business marketer is not exempt from this potential chaos.

But with a constantly watchful eye, building a business social network can be easily managed.

There are three major things that if left unattended will trap your business in this wave of chaos. They are:

  1. Reputation management
  2. Content marketing
  3. Social Netwoking

Focus on these three things to build a business social network and not to be just another social marketer.

It used to be quite simple to manage your business reputation;

Managing your business reputation on your business social networkYou advertised in the right places; You used politically correct ads; You hired good people and sold good products.

However today, reputation management has changed greatly. The smallest mistake can set things spinning through a negative spiral. And the worst part is; you aren’t the one in control, your consumers and potential customers are.

In the past business owners would never have considered that a simple moment’s lapse in judgement or a single instance of poor customer service would spread beyond a few people or at such an extreme rate.

Now one rude remark to a customer; one poorly thought out post on Facebook; or one throwaway comment can almost instantly change your business forever.

It’s this kind of impact that social media chaos is having now and many Business owners and managers have yet to fully comprehend how or understand the mistake that could bring about their demise.

Today, the modern successful business must evolve into a social content marketer at some point.

This simply means that you carefully listen to what your customers are saying online and then use those insights to market to other potential customers.

For example;

  • If you have an IT business and your customer tweets a mention or comments about how grateful they are for the way you not only came into their office to fix their problem, but also explained to them the cause of their problem and how they can prevent it from happening in the future
  • You say thank you, of course, but you don’t just leave it at that
  • You direct some of the focus of your business website to the specific service or product that customer is talking about
  • They won’t be the only people out there that will find your service useful, or the quality of your product great
  • You then share those positive service or product comments by posting on Twitter, Facebook and GooglePlus and turn those compliment into content and the content into potential sales

As a successful business you may have invested time in your business social network but have you truly turned your business into a social business?

idex7 - Business Social Network SuccessSimply stated, a social business is one that has integrated social media into every internal job function.

This requires the people, process and technology to be completely combined, and focused on the same social marketing goals, yet able to work independently of each other.

Communication is key and good organisation is required.

Your employees must talk to each other and share information thoroughly. PR needs to manage and stay on top of your employees’ online behavior and you need the technology to facilitate all of this.

A business social network can be a great tool and one way to ensure future success, but without making your business a truly social business, you risk getting lost in the social chaos.

So, social media has almost completely changed the way business owners do business and with good reputation management, positive content marketing and a real focus on becoming a social business not just a social marketer, you will embrace social media and build a better business.

And don’t think social media will fade soon, because it is most definitely here to stay.

Today is the day you should take charge and make the fundamental changes you need to, because tomorrow may find yourself lost in the social media chaos.