Starting a Small Buisines & winning local business

Winning Local Business in a Global Market

An online business website can help local companies build a solid global customer base and also assist in winning local business at the same time. But you have to focus on winning local business in your local area first, the world and the global market will come in time

iDex7 - Choosing a Business that's right for you

Choosing a Business. The Right Business

Deciding to start your own business is one thing, choosing the right business to start is another. When choosing a business you don’t have to reinvent the wheel you just have to make sure you start a business that’s right for you.

Merchandising - Spread The Word

Merchandising Companies & Increasing Your Sales Potential

Persuade Your Customers to Buy … We are all influenced by the way in which goods and services are presented to us. Merchandising companies are the organizations that specialize in those forms of presentation. Whether it’s in the supermarket, corner store or on the internet. You need to merchandise.

iDex7 Business & How Startup Capital Matters

Your Business Startup Capital Budget

Startup Capital & Business Cash Requirements – Your idea for a new business is sound, you’ve researched it and prepared a draft business plan. Now you need to draw up a budget to show your startup capital requirements.