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Merchandising Companies & Increasing Your Sales Potential

How Do Merchandising Companies Increase Your Sales Turnover?

Before looking for merchandising companies let’s start by taking a look at merchandising itself.

Simply put, merchandising is the act of taking any of your products, goods or services and presenting them in a way that they become more attractive to your customer.

Showing your goods or services in their best light to make the most of your sales potential.

Merchandise – Persuade Your Customers to Buy

Merchandising 50 percent Sale

We are all influenced by the way in which goods and services are presented to us.

Merchandising companies are the organizations that specialize in those forms of presentation.

Whether it’s in the supermarket, corner store or on the internet.

That presentation or merchandising, always has an effect on us and can influence our decision to buy or not to buy.

When to Merchandise … If you sell anything, you really need to merchandise at some stage.

Merchandising companies specialize in the presentaion of their clients goods and using their services can be very good for your sales.

The merchandiser field is very crowded however, and from a business stadnpoint you have a wide choice of suppliers, so don’t be in a hurry to select any one company.

FACT … Merchandise your goods or services properly and you will increase your salesiDex7 Web Design

From here on, we will be looking at merchandising in general, enabling you to make better choices for that stage in your business when you may see benefits from the services of a merchandising business.

If you have good products, are selling a branded product or a service that can be improved through good presentation, then you need to start merchandising.

In a highly competitive market, where you have to separate your product from the competition, merchandising can help you do this.

Merchandising companies only have one job to do and that is to create interest in and excitement about your product.

However, if you don’t have the budget to utilise professional merchandising companies, you can do the same for a low cost outlay. All you need is a little knowledge of merchandising principles and concepts.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that merchandising companies are not worth using, but a start up businesses can’t really afford the costs of commercial merchandising. So, better than doing nothing, think of doing it yourself.

How to Merchandise

The aim of all merchandising is to sell more goods and in order to sell goods you need customers.

So everything you do must result in more customers and increasing your sales. Good merchandising not only attracts but also persuades.

Always remember that merchandising is for the benefit of the customer and you won’t go far wrong.

  • So, first decide on the type of merchandising you need, based on your customers needs.
    • Is it for the family, men only, women, children, adults only, or for a special market niche?
    • You must know and decide who you want to sell to before deciding on how to merchandise to that market segment.
    • Good merchandising is always specific.
  • Are you trying to promote only certain of your products?
    • Promotional merchandising will use pricing, display, packaging design and product selection to get customers to buy more or spend more on these products.
    • If your target customers feel good about a product, they will buy.
    • In many situations women have the final say regarding large purchases, so try to get the girls motivated to buy.
    • Female emotions and feelings must be taken into account when merchandising, as generating good feelings increases your sales.
    • Don?t try to display all your goods or services at once. Choice is great, but too many choices and you will only confuse your target customer.
  • Know that Presentation is King.
    • Present it in the right way, with good packaging, price and display and you can sell almost anything.
    • Make your display so attractive that people enjoy browsing and buying.
    • Good products, displayed well, will sell. see Retail Window Displays
    • Excellent products displayed poorly, will struggle to sell.
  • Know that good merchandising does not end with the customer deciding to buy.
Merchandising companies and merchandisers know about showrooms, visual displays, packaging, etc., but only you and your staff can clinch the sale.

You have to train yourself and your staff to be pleasant to customers, to greet them and to help them decide. see Customer Service Skills

  • A good merchandising display can be a final decider for a customer but a bad staff experience can still turn into a walk-away and no sale.
  • Customers often need answers to questions, but many are too shy to ask. Anticipate these questions and display the answers visually. You will be thanked, by increasing your sales.

In many cases a supplier of retail goods will stock your shelves at their cost, using their merchandising companies to promote their goods on your shelves.

This can cut your labor costs while you benefit from their merchandising. However, most will not volunteer this service, so don?t be frightened to ask for it.

Merchandising is often a lot of good sense combined with making products look good.

Show your customer what you would like to see yourself and treat your customer as if you care. Small efforts here can often yield big increases in your sales.

Practical Merchandising …

Businessman Thumbs Up

While running our own manufacturing company I learned the dramatic effects a little merchandising can have.

We manufactured tubular steel furniture for the retail furniture market but also sold direct to the walk-in public.

Selling to these customers was accomplished by showing them our furniture catalogue, we made sales but not many.

After giving it some thought and without benefit of any merchandising companies we decided to do some merchandising.

Now, above our administration offices, we had our upholstery workshop which in fact only needed a small fraction of the space available. So, the surplus space was converted into a really good showroom and we displayed some twenty five or so of our over five hundred products.

From then on, whenever a walk-in customer arrived, we could show them samples of our products as well as our catalogue.

Guess what? We made sales to virtually all these customers. People like to touch and feel as well as see. Let them.

Throw away those “Please Do Not touch” signs.

Although any good business person should be aware of the need for merchandising their products or services, you also need to be aware that merchandising should be considered a profession, a business necessity and not a hobby.

Merchandising companies providing specialized merchandising services to help you promote your products and increase your sales.

If you are at that stage of your business growth where you can benefit from such help, then try contacting the National Association for Retail Marketing Services.

Utilise professional Merchandising Companies and help grow your sales … it can pay big dividends.iDex7 Web Design