Intellectual Property

The Problems of Intellectual Property & Copyright Explained You own intellectual property if you: created it (and it meets the requirements for copyright, a patent or a design) bought intellectual property rights from the creator or a previous owner have a brand that could be a trade mark, eg a well-known product name You usually won’t own the intellectual property …

Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

Historically, exact match domain names were always recommended. These usually helped the business gain top search engine results, but expert advice and recent attitudes concerning Google updates have changed. The concensus now is that branded URLs are best for business

Effective Time Management - it's more than keyboard skills

Effective Time Management

Improve Your Management Skills by learning effective time management … Promoting effective time management in yourself and your staff, is so critical to your business that without it your business will stall. If there is one thing that you will learn about business, it’s that there is never enough time available to do all the things you need to do …