Intellectual Property

The Problems of Intellectual Property & Copyright Explained You own intellectual property if you: created it (and it meets the requirements for copyright, a patent or a design) bought intellectual property rights from the creator or a previous owner have a brand that could be a trade mark, eg a well-known product name You usually won’t own the intellectual property …

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iDex7 Website Design Options

12 Simple Website Design Essentials Website Owners Need to Know

One of the toughest challenges facing any website owner is their website design and how they can use it to attract visitors. Your content may be unique and original but if it’s presented in a bad way it’s simply not going to attract and hold those readers

RJi12 Simple Website Design Essentials Website Owners Need to Know
Starting a Small Buisines & winning local business

Winning Local Business in a Global Market

An online business website can help local companies build a solid global customer base and also assist in winning local business at the same time. But you have to focus on winning local business in your local area first, the world and the global market will come in time

RJiWinning Local Business in a Global Market
Merchandising - Spread The Word

Merchandising Companies & Increasing Your Sales Potential

Persuade Your Customers to Buy … We are all influenced by the way in which goods and services are presented to us. Merchandising companies are the organizations that specialize in those forms of presentation. Whether it’s in the supermarket, corner store or on the internet. You need to merchandise.

RJiMerchandising Companies & Increasing Your Sales Potential
Domain Names 101

Domain Names 101

Historically, exact match domain names were always recommended. These usually helped the business gain top search engine results, but expert advice and recent attitudes concerning Google updates have changed. The concensus now is that branded URLs are best for business

RJiDomain Names 101
Effective Time Management - it's more than keyboard skills

Effective Time Management

Improve Your Management Skills by learning effective time management … Promoting effective time management in yourself and your staff, is so critical to your business that without it your business will stall. If there is one thing that you will learn about business, it’s that there is never enough time available to do all the things you need to do …

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