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Millions of us start a new online business every year, many without giving the first thought to whether they have the ability to run that business or if they have the business management skills required.

Business Information, is everywhere … The amount of on-line or print information aimed at business entrepreneurs is vast and with such huge amounts of management information available it is virtually impossible to research it all.

Much of this small business management information is never found and even when it is, it can often be so general that it is worthless to real business owners.

Good, solid, practical business information is priceless!

To be truly successful in an online or offline business you need to know exactly what you need and how to use it. We all need information that is tried and true, that can be applied to our own situations and utilised to build our own business. iDex7 is where you’ll get it …

Website Design Guides Tips and Tutorials
iDex7 - Dreaming of BusinessHow to setup and administer your business website. Tips & Advice covering search engine optimization and quality content creation that help create successful websites for business owners.
Online & Offline Business Management
iDex7 - Business ManagementOur Business Management section brings you practical business management advice that will help your business succeed. Valuable information from successful business owners.

By using the information, tips and methods provide by iDex7, you’ll realise that business management can be a real pleasure or it can be an absolute nightmare. Let’s make sure you don’t end up in the nightmare.